Zumba Kids

Introduce your kids to the joy of the world’s favorite dance workout!

Zumba Kids Classes

Perfect for our younger Zumba fans! Kids 4-11 years old get the chance to be active and jam out to their favorite music. Zumba Kids classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure.

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Let your little ones let loose!

Zumba helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives by making fitness fun. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, cultural awareness.

Benefits of Zumba Kids:

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Increases lean muscle
  • Improves bone density
  • Builds agility and flexibility
  • Develops self confidence
  • Helps associate exercise with fun
  • Great way to channel excess energy
  • Improves hand-eye co-ordination

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