Vinyasa Yoga

Breath and flow from one pose to the next

Vinyasa Yoga

The literal translation of the Sanskrit word “vinyasa” is ‘to place in a special way’. – the same can be said about asanas (postures) done in this class. During vinyasa yoga, you get to coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next.

Vinyasa classes offer a variety of postures, and no two classes are ever alike.

The variable nature of Vinyasa Yoga helps to develop a more balanced body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries that can happen if you are always doing the same thing every day.

As a philosophy, Vinyasa recognizes the temporary nature of things. We enter into a posture, are there for a while and then leave.

Put all this together, and Vinyasa is a breath initiated practice, that connects every action of our life with the intention of moving towards what is sacred, or most important to us.

Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most popular forms of the practice in the world today.

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Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

1. You stay focused on going with the flow.

2. It’s all about variety.

3. You can find your perfect yoga class.

4. It pushes you to your limits.

5. It gives you great cardio.

6. It’s ideal for beginners.

7. Vinyasa is fun! 

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