Power Cycle

Starting October 2022!

Amp up your Indoor Cycling Workouts with Power

Power Cycle is our brand new power-based indoor cycling experience that gives purpose to your workout!

Riding with power gives you instant accurate feedback on how hard you are working (measured in watts) and we use power to help us ride effectively and measure our progress over time.

As you build your capacity to produce more power, you will burn more calories and become stronger. It is extremely rewarding and motivating to ride with real time data.

All Power Cycle classes are delivered with high energy, music and fun, to give you that invigorating and euphoric indoor cycling feeling, all while riding through different power zones and taking on a variety of individual and team challenges during class.

Achieving your personal targets and witnessing your progress, will keep you coming back for more!

Welcome to POWER CYCLE, a data-driven ride, with purpose and fun!

Meet Our Power Cycle Instructors!

Power Up your Indoor Cycling Workouts

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