Pop Pilates

POP Pilates® is where strength meets flexibility. This isn't your average workout. It's a dance on the mat.

Experience POP Pilates. It's dance on the mat!

The workout you’ve been waiting for: POP Pilates! We hope you’re ready to tone and transform your body while moving to the Groove on a mat. POP Pilates is known for its combination of intense exercises that follow along with your favourite songs.

With a blend of strength and endurance training, you follow along to a mix of contemporary, upbeat, and classical Pilates workouts in a complete 55-minute session. The best part? The soundtrack helps you tune out the burn and strengthen your musicals while having the most fun!

Lucky for you, POP Pilates is a no-equipment class with a variety of activity changes for all. Additionally, this full-body aerobic, strength and endurance exercise uses only the body weight and a yoga mat. But don’t worry, we won’t change that much; you still are involved in your classic Pilates mat routine, yet with an extra POP.

While all of the movements are derived from classical Pilates, the class style, interaction with the song, timing, and reps are all different from the reformer and conventional mat classes. The basics of breathing, core commitment, and powerhouse-based exercises are all shared, but what sets Pop Pilates apart is the focus on shifting to the sound of pop music. Each 55-minute class is defined as a “dance on the mat” by participants.

This rigorous mat-based workout requires students to flow from one exercise to the next rhythmically, developing a rock-solid core when working every muscle in the body. The format elevates traditional Pilates to new heights you’ve never seen before.

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