Karate Personal Training

Karate Personal Training with Sensei Lee - private martial arts classes.

Our private martial arts training programmes are put together to suit you and your individual needs and help you learn Karate at an accelerated rate. You will train more intensely and be monitored constantly.

Karate personal training sessions last for 30 or 45 minutes. A basic format is usually followed: aerobic exercise, such as basic stretching, skipping, and shadow boxing, followed by anaerobic exercise, i.e. advanced stretching, strength and stamina training.

You will then move onto technique training, which will consist of many different areas depending on the discipline: basic drills, self-defence, bag work, pad work or partner work. Sensei Lee works with members to devise a training programme, so if there are any areas, you would instead not practice, please let us know.

Karate teaches self-confidence and respect, not only for yourself but for others, including an opponent. As you master complex moves, stances, and fighting forms, you will know how to hold your own in any situation. Personal karate trainer Sensei Lee will set goals with each belt earned and learn how to achieve those goals, and in so doing, build valuable confidence.

There is no denying that Karate is demanding on both the body and the mind. Karate helps with strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility training. Very few physical activities can boast this. This style is not just physical, but it is also a lifestyle and state of mind. Yet, in following that lifestyle and mindset comes greater overall physical health and well-being. Well-being is at the core of Karate.

Our Karate personal training sessions dive deep into the Japanese martial art form using punches, kicks, strikes and blocks to improve coordination agility and strengthen your body.

If you have been considering martial arts personal training for yourself or your child or have expressed a desire to learn Karate with a personal martial arts trainer, call GFX today to schedule a free consultancy with Sensei Lee.

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