Hip Hop Dance Classes for Kids

Step, Stomp, and Shake it out

Hip Hop Dance classes for kids

Rhythm, beats, high octane pop music, sprightly moves, zippy studio. Does your child thrive on this? GFX brings you a tailor-made hip hop dance class for children at the developmental ages. Our hip hop classes not only keep your child fit and healthy but also allow them to have truckloads of fun while they’re at it! 

Hip Hop is known to enhance your child’s fitness through a fun, street-style dance. We kick start our classes with a 10-minute stretching session followed by rehearsals of the previously taught moves while smoothly introducing new ones. They learn the art of teamwork and cooperation along with keeping physically active.


  • Flexibility and motor skill development
  • Overall body fitness and strength
  • Enhancement of right-left body coordination
  • Developing confidence by way of expressing themselves artistically
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Teamwork and collaboration


  • Kid-friendly, expert hip hop trainers
  • Warm, relaxed and non competitive environment
  • Dedicated dance studio
  • Customized programs as per child’s level
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Pre-Hip Hop Class (ages 4-7)

This class serves as an introduction to hip-hop dance for the younger ones. The class focuses on rhythm, musicality and basic footwork, using games and music. It is a great way to get kids moving.

Hip Hop Class (ages 8-14)

These classes teach the fundamentals of the hip-hop movement. They are upbeat and high energy classes. Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated. Students will learn to memorize choreography by working on a combination of each class.

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