The fitness sensation for busy people.

EMS Training

The fitness sensation for busy people.

EMS Training at GFX!

What is EMS Training?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Experience a new form of a full-body workout that is transforming the world of fitness. A 20 Minutes One to One EMS Training Workout at GFX is all it takes!

Combining EMS with exercise is a very targeted way of supercharging the effects of your workout. Deep muscles are stimulated far more effectively than conventional exercise alone, making every move stronger and delivering visible improvements more quickly.

During an EMS workout session at GFX, we can configure a wide range of workout parameters to suit your individual needs.

Love boxing? We’ve combined our EMS training workouts with Aqua Training Bags for an incredible boxing experience. Get ready for a boxing workout experience unlike any other.  Measure your progress over time as the Boxing Sensor provides real-time data and transparency, allowing you to maximize your output each time you punch.

That’s not all take your EMS training to the next level with TRX Suspension Training and TRX Battle Rope Training. Each EMS workout session is an experience in itself.

Benefits of EMS training when you have injuries

With EMS, you can target specific problem areas, strengthen weaker muscle groups, and work on your stabilizing muscles. This would lead to correcting the imbalances in your body.

Being able to activate up to 90% of your muscle fibers with EMS technology will help the muscles or muscle groups inactive get them back up to full strength.

The most common conditions or injuries we see in our trainees are:

  • Weak ankles
  • Stabilizers (in the legs)
  • ACL (knees and knee replacements)
  • Hips ( pelvic tilt and Hip replacements)
  • Back pain ( lower, middle, upper, and disc cartilage degeneration)
  • Shoulders (rotator cuff and broken/dislocated)
  • Neck (posture and neck injuries)

Our Level 3 certified personal trainer conducts every EMS workout to get fit and motivated.

Benefits of EMS training:

  • Impressive weight loss results
  • Complete muscle building and body toning
  • Just 20 minutes twice a week
  • It keeps you coming back

Book an EMS Workout

Call us on +97150 996 9470 to book your EMS Training Session at GFX.

The fitness sensation for busy people.
The fitness sensation for busy people.
The fitness sensation for busy people.
The fitness sensation for busy people.