Cardio Groove

Cardio Groove. The ultimate feel-good dance cardio workout.

Cardio Groove means two things:
Choreography and Energy

Let us explain…
With Cardio Groove, you are exposed to a whole new world of dance, and lucky for all our beginners, you don’t need any form of previous dance knowledge. Just grab your dancing shoes and your water bottle and book a spot. With this class, you break out of your comfort zone of simply following along and learn the moves. But don’t be nervous; continuous repetition and muscle memory guarantee you properly move to the Groove and get the perfect beat.

In comparison to other dance classes, Cardio Groove has three sections within it:

The Cradio Groove Breakdown: where you learn the choreography in different sections through repetitions
The Cradio Groove Polishing: where you refine the movements you’ve memorized
The Cradio Groove Final Dance: where you and your surrounding fitness buddies dance multiple times till you finally make it.

With these sections, you know where to allocate your energy. Brust into flames when you’re learning the choreography, and when you finally perform it, make sure to train your most important muscle during the polishing and refining; the brain.

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