Boxing Classes

Receive undivided attention from our Certified Boxing Coaches with Personal Training and take your Boxing to the next level.

Boxing Classes

Boxing classes at GFX are 30 minutes one to one personal training sessions. Our certified boxing coaches will work on your boxing skills, strength, athletic ability, fat loss and muscle building.

Strap the gloves on for 12 rounds of heart-pumping boxing combinations on our Aqua Bag or Heavy Bag. Our boxing coaches will push you to the limits and help you unleash that inner fighting machine to help get the most out of your workout.

Get rid of your daily stress whilst burning up to 1000 calories and tone up in a boxing blitz. Improve your endurance, coordination, stamina and muscle tone. Boxing is a great way to learn self-defence skills and burn fat fast.

All levels of fitness and boxing experience are welcome. Our boxing coaches will look after you if you’ve never boxed before and will show you the basics of boxing and help you along the way. You’ll be moving like Mohammed Ali in no time!

Boxing at GFX is one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals. Our boxing classes are private, authentic, high-octane, accessible and super fun.

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Everyone is welcome, from the pure beginner through to boxing enthusiasts. As part of a GFX’s boxing personal training session you will get to focus on boxing strength and condition as well as developing your basic boxing skills and techniques. Our boxing coaches will teach you how to punch correctly with increased speed and power and help you develop basic techniques. 

For your first few sessions all you will need is your normal training kit (shorts, t-shirt, trainers, etc.). We can provide you with gloves to wear but once you progress we highly recommend that you purchase your own gloves and wraps.

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