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Boxercise is an exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers.

Sessions typically involve hitting focus pads, but no class involves hitting an opponent. It is a fun, challenging, and safe workout that is great for stress-busting, accessible to all ages and fitness levels.

Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. Classes can take a variety of formats but a typical one may involve shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups.

Boxercise is a fast toning workout, which won’t just burn fat, but enhance muscle definition. Once you begin to start losing weight, you’ll notice a change in your physique. Tighter abs, more toned arms and a firmer butt.

While boxing is a serious calorie burner, it is also very efficient in burning fat. The high-intensity nature of a boxing workout means it is very good at burning visceral fat, or the fat commonly found around the waist.

The benefits that boxercise brings are boundless, so here’s just a few:

  • It’s great cardio. Boxercise benefits aspects of cardio and resistance training – the perfect balance, plus no treadmill in sigh – bliss! …
  • Better Body composition and strength. …
  • Burn Calories. …
  • Improved coordination. …
  • Reduced anxiety and stress


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