Bhangra Fitness

Dubai Bhangra Fitness. Spreading joy and awareness through dance.

Bhangra Fitness for all ages and experience levels. Super fun!

Bhangra Fitness is a high-energy cardio dance workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat while you have fun and learn easy-to-follow moves to the most upbeat music!

Bhangra Fit is a Bhangra Dance Fitness class set to Bhangra tunes.

Great for losing weight, building stamina, developing strength and improving flexibility. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to the super fit.

If you want to get your heart pumping and body moving, try a Bhangra Fit workout and get the endorphins flooding the body and make you feel fantastic.

Bhangra Fitness believes physical movement is at the core of wellness. 

We aim to Inspire and Motivate people to an Active Lifestyle.

We organize Group Dance Fitness classes to the most upbeat music- mixing simple Bhangra moves into high energy cardio routines.

Bhangra Fitness is a dance full-body workout- exceptionally easy and fun, suitable for all age groups and all fitness levels. It is fantastic for losing weight, building stamina, and developing strength.

Enthusiastic participants burn 400+ CALORIES and end up with 6000 STEPS a class. 

How it works-

  • Bhangra Fitness workout involves movement of all muscles and is an excellent toner for your leg, pelvic and buttock muscles.
  • Rapid arm movement tones the shoulder and back muscles.
  • Depending upon how hard you stomp and raise your knee as close to the hip level as possible, your posture and abs become stronger in the long run.


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