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AfroFit Dance is a diverse and fascinating style originating predominantly from Sub-Saharan Africa. It is an evolution from traditional African dance styles following the creation of Afrobeat music.

A class designed to work on your Cardio with a mix of HIIT and African dance moves on Afrobeats music. If you have seen an Afrobeats dance routine, you’ll know it’s fast-paced, fun, and easy on the eyes! 

If you’ve ever been to an AfroFit dance class, you’ll know you will sweat! A full routine requires rapid lower body movement along with matching arm and shoulder movements. Depending on the dance you’re performing, you’ll get your daily dose of cardiovascular requirements more than handled.

You get to work on your endurance and coordination, boost your heart rate, and tone your entire body while learning some Afro dance moves. This stress relief class is perfect for weight loss, fun, and makes you happier.  Aside from dance, the music gives off so many positive vibes that it becomes infectious.

Dancing in groups or with other people allows you to mix with and socialize with people with similar interests. It’s the perfect place for building relationships with passionate people about AfroFit Dance and could also lead to you learning other skills or discovering new ideas.

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