30 Minutes Express Personal Training

It's all about you and your fitness goals.

30 Minutes Express Personal Training. It's all about you and your fitness goals.

Finding a balance between your work life and fitness can be really difficult. Who has the time to spend hours at the gym and “try” and get great results. We’ve got you covered. We’re changing your experience in fitness with our express personal training sessions. 

Express Personal Training

Express PT sessions are an alternative for people who are too busy to take on personal training sessions for long periods. An express PT session lasts around 30 minutes, and the primary goal of these sessions is to get your heart racing, blood pumping and achieve everything in a one-hour personal training session in about half the time. 

What can you expect? 

Before you start your training sessions, you’ll have your first discovery. The discovery session will allow you to get to know your trainer, enable the trainer to understand your lifestyle and figure out what you want to work on and set your goals and targets.  

Our Express Personal Training Sessions come in two forms

  • Solo 
  • Duo 

Express sessions with our Level 3 Certified Trainers include; boxing on an aqua training or heavy bag, battle rope, TRX suspension training, kettlebell, weight training/lifting and more. 

7 Day a week support

Anytime you need support from our trainers, whether about your session, information on recovery or anything related to fitness, we’ve got you covered. Our trainers are only one call away for you and one WhatsApp message away.

Sign-up today and get 50% off your 1st Session.  

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