World Record Attempt


Save The Date - 18.06.2022


World Record Attempt of 31 hours of non-stop longest static cycling class.

Record definition
• This record is for the longest static cycling class.
• This record will be attempted by an individual instructor and a minimum class of 10 riders.
• The record is measured in hour(s), minute(s) and second(s).
• For the purpose of this record a static cycling class is defined as an instructor-led class in
which people ride stationary bicycles at varying speeds and resistance settings.

Our goal is to raise AED 10,000/- for the Al Jalila Children's Fund.

YallaGive | Give with a smile!

An amazing group of fitness fanatics, trainers and athletes are set to break the world record for the longest indoor cycling class, currently set at just over 30 hours. In this endeavour, the team aim to spread awareness of the health benefits of fitness, indoor cycling, and also raise money for the Al Jalila Childrens Fund who believe that health is the cornerstone to happiness and every child deserves the opportunity to grow up healthy.
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