Robotics Summer Camp

About our Robotics Summer Camp

Our robotics camp in collaboration with Unique World Robotics combines fun with the opportunity for kids and teens to build and engineer robots while learning AI, visual coding, and machine learning. Programs typically incorporate competitive challenges where kids and teens task their robots with specific actions.

Registrations for our July 2021 camps are open. 

Timings 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Sunday to Thursday. 

Camp starts July 11th, 2021.

Robotics camps for kids

Weeklong summer robotics camps for kids include:

Ages: 6 – 9; Week 1 Activity; Making a STAR Model with LED, Modular Electronics – Plug and Play, Make and Walk with Strawbees, Quiz Game, Buzz Wire Game.

Ages: 10 – 15; Week 1 Activity; Automatic Hand Sanitiser, Modular electronics – Plug and Play Hydraulic Robotic Arm, Night Lamp, Logic Gate Games with Integrated Circuits.

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