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Our internationally certified gym trainers help accomplish your fitness and weight loss goals, quicker. They aid in guiding you through a balanced combination of cardio, aerobic exercise, strength, and weight training with the help of the latest training techniques, technology, and high-end fitness equipment. Our personal gym trainers help you turn the IMPOSSIBLE to I’M’POSSIBLE.

Our personal trainers customize and personalize gym workouts as per individual needs and requirements.

Our Trainers

Personal Training GFX

Ryan Watts

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Having been diagnosed at 16 with a rare heart condition (Super Ventricular Tachycardia and Wolfs Parkinson White Syndrome)  Ryan had to undergo years of invasive procedures and hospital stays - He used the gym as a means to get stronger and increase his own general health and fitness levels without exasperating his condition, which eventually helped lead to his full recovery.

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