Nutrition Counseling

Simply put, diets usually don’t work. Let us help you lose weight safely & keep it off.

One to One Nutrition Counseling

Are you tired of all the fads of yo-yo dieting? Quit now! Because we at GFX help you with the fundamental principles of a nutritionally well-balanced diet and help you in achieving long term healthy habits.
Our exceptional one-on-one consultations with our Dietitian at GFX will provide you with a nutrition assessment, help you set realistic targets, and choose the best meal plan based on your requirements, habits and lifestyle.Through regular follow-ups, we will ensure you achieve and maintain your goals and feel great while doing so.

Meet Our Expert

Nutritional Counselling GFX

Divina Purswani

Divina Purswani is a Certified Nutritionist ACSM approved by Exercise Certified Science Academy. A fitness enthusiast who is passionate about helping her clients improve their relationship with food & their body.

Our Packages

Inclusions of the above:

  •  Nutrition & Diet Counseling
  •  Health Coaching
  •  Shopping Lists & Prep Guides
  •  Weekly customized meal plans personalized to dietary requirements

Follow up – 30 mins- inclusions :

  • Comprehensive evaluation & assessment of weight
  • BMI Assessment
  • BCA Assessment
  • Body Measurements
  • Fitness Assessment
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