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At GFX, we take excuses out of fitness. No more forgetting to book a session. With the free GFX App, booking a session, checking schedules etc, is a piece of cake. The app is available for download on iOS and Android app stores.

The free GFX app is terrific, especially if you’re a first timer. Here’s what it let’s you do.

  1. Book and schedule classes
  2. Get on waitlists of popular classes
  3. View the entire week/month’s class schedule
  4. Introduction to the various programs
  5. Lists your classes
  6. Remind yourself about your schedule
  7. Make and monitor purchases (session passes)


The GFX App takes the guesswork out of planning your fitness schedule. It is your one stop shop for all possible fitness requirements, The app will always be on your phone and alerts you about a class you’ve booked. It tracks your attendance, making it easier to check progress. A quick description of workouts makes it easy for you to understand what you’re getting into.

More than anything else, it eliminates the need to call in for an appointment. For most of us, getting fit is as much a psychological issue as a physical one. We often sign up for fitness classes, and conveniently forget. The free GFX app then makes it impossible to ‘forget’!

What you get at GFX:

  1. A motivating ambiance
  2. Well maintained, stylish and luxurious studio
  3. Central location (Business Bay)
  4. Certified and well qualified instructors
  5. Flexible schedules
  6. No contractual commitment
  7. Pay per class


Gift yourself self confidence, good health and improved standard of life. Put yourself on the path to a fitter, better you. Make the smart choice. Download the free GFX app today.

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