GFX 100 Club

Join our elite group that love classes at GFX.

Experience 100 Classes in 90 Days!

Welcome to the GFX 100 Club. Registration is free, and the challenge is simple. You need to complete 100 group fitness classes in 90 Days.  

This club is your commitment and hard work towards your fitness goals. 

Members who complete the challenge will enjoy the following:

  1. A Special GFX 100 Club Hoodie, Towel and Bottle
  2. Special discounts for the renewals of your membership package
  3. An opportunity to bring five friends per month to GFX to experience a free class.*

You can register and start anytime it’s that convenient. Be a part of this elite group that love classes at GFX.


You can register to join the GFX 100 Club when ever you want. It’s that simple. Once you register you time starts to complete 90 Classes in 100 Days.

  1. “Bragging Rights”.  100 Classes in 90 Days is an achievement in itself.
  2. Congratulations you’re a part of an Elite Group of GFX Members that are super dedicated to their fitness goals. 
  3. As a special gift from GFX a 100 Club Exclusive Hoodie and other goodies 


Share a good thing. At GFX we believe in the power of group fitness. Group fitness works best when you have your besties with you. With them around to motivate you, the sky is the limit.  You can bring up to 5 friends per month to experience classes at GFX. (Please remember 5 different friends.) T&C Apply.

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