Body Composition Analysis

Get a cardiovascular check up in less than 30 seconds with our Body Composition Analysis.
A cardiovascular check up at every weigh-in with our smart scale to also weigh your hearts health.

Body Composition Analysis For Weight-loss and Fitness

No two bodies are exactly alike. Different diets, exercises and treatments work for different people, but a deep understanding of your own body is key to getting the most out of any nutrition or fitness regimen.

Our Body Composition Analysis (BCA) offers a comprehensive cardiovascular check-up at every weigh-in with a non-invasive scan that measures your body in great detail – beyond weight statistics to body fat, lean mass, basal metabolic rate and more. It provides a wealth of personal data to help you tailor your fitness and wellness lifestyle to suit you best.

Full Body Composition Analysis

Full body composition goes beyond weight by providing you with more actionable insights into that number you see on the scale.

Muscle Mass

The number behind weight is even more dynamic when you can track muscle mass. Basal metabolism increases with muscle mass, and this helps to reduce your fat mass. Tracking muscle mass is also essential to identify muscle atrophy.

Fat Mass

Your body needs fat, but excess fat can be a risk factor for diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Understanding your weight’s relationship to body fat puts you at an advantage in your journey to better health.


Your body temperature, organs, and brain all share one thing in common: water. Check your water levels to make sure you stay hydrated.

Bone Mass

Bone mass is a critical health indicator. Keep on top of your density levels to make sure you’re where you need to be.

VASCULAR AGE – Cardiovascular check-up

Arteries can age more or less depending on your lifestyle. Based on years of research, our Body Composition Analysers’ exclusive algorithm estimates the age of your arteries to give you a clearer picture of your overall cardiovascular health.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – Made to motivate

Numbers are nice, but our BCA analysis goes above and beyond by pairing with the Withings Health Mate app to display your weight trends and reveal insights.

Exclusive complimentary Body Composition Analysis is available for GFX Members. Book your appointment today.

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