Alignment and Awareness Yoga Workshop

A workshop on bringing ease and refinement in your daily yoga practice

Get a deeper understanding on how to align yourself in every pose for a safe and effective practice. Protect your joints, balance strength and flexibility and learn how to correct habits. This workshop is oriented to experienced practitioners.

This workshop is geared for people who are either starting out in their yoga practice or for those would like to revisit and clarify basic alignment principles.

Through demonstration, discussion and experiential movement, the workshop will empower you with key understandings and information on how to help keep your body safe – whether you are practicing in a class or on your own.

The safety and positioning of three key areas of the body will be examined in relation to yoga postures: the shoulders, the lower back and the knees. Correct alignment of these areas will be explored in relationship to building an awareness of core strength and stability.

When asanas (yoga postures) are practiced with awareness and knowledge of healthy alignment, you will find greater comfort and ease in the body. Proper alignment is essential to avoid the risks of injury and to establish a solid foundation on which a practice can grow.

Once the body feels taken care of and is not risking injury, we are also more available to explore the benefits of subtler practices such as pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditation.

This workshop will be concluded with 30 minutes of Guided Meditation.


  1. Learn a better approach to Asanas.
  2. Learn how to align the postures.
  3. Learn how to use Yoga props, belts and blankets.
  4. Learn techniques of advancement without exhaustion or injury.

Date: Friday – September 27th, 2019
Time : 5 :30PM to 7:30 PM
Workshop Charges : AED 100
This workshop is limited to 15 participants only


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