Aishwarya S.

If it doesn’t challenge you , it won’t change you!

Aishwarya S. (Ash) brings her whole-hearted soul from Mumbai, India.

Aishwarya’s passion for fitness started from a young age. With the inability to sit still and boundless energy, she played every sport under the sun.

Having lost 35 kgs herself motivates Aishwarya to be a better coach when she sees people making lifestyle changes.

Initially starting CrossFit in 2017 to keep fit, Ash found a sport that could hold her interest. From her first class, she knew that functional training was what she was looking for and wanted other people to experience that as well. She is a disciplined and goal-oriented coach full of empathy towards her students.

After studying Exercise Science for four years in the USA, she moved to the UAE, looking for a new challenge. She is a Certified personal trainer by CrossFit and Body Design University.

Aishwarya believes that hard work, passion, and dedication are the key to success.

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