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BodyAttack Classes in Dubai

BodyAttack is a proprietary fitness regimen from Les Mills. A great way to stay lean, in shape and active. This latest Les Mills sensation is taking the world by storm. GFX brings this incredible workout to Dubai for the very first time. You can experience this routine at two convenient locations. Opt either for Business Bay, or Mirdif (Ladies only).

A fun, group workout, this system is winning supporters the world over. At GFX we create a fun, group work out environment. High energy music and certified Les Mills instructors complete the experience.

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BodyAttack is designed to improve cardiovascular health. It has been known to shape lean muscle mass. Another wonderful benefit of the regime is increased core strength. It is so exciting that it will get the adrenaline pumping.

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Sports-inspired, set to high energy music, it lasts about 55 minutes. Participants have reported improved fitness, speed and strength. The longer duration and variety of exercises also improve stamina and agility.

The best part about BodyAttack is how flexible it is. Classes are designed to be appropriate for both men and women. Your present fitness level notwithstanding, it can be modified to suit individual fitness goals.

Benefits of BodyAttack:

  • Burns loads of calories
  • Tones and shapes the body
  • Improves coordination and agility
  • Develops strength through core conditioning
  • Enhances bone health and density
  • Increases heart and lung capacity

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Business Bay Mirdif

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Business Bay Mirdif