From the flooring to the sound system, everything is well thought of.

Let the pointers below tell you more:

  • Wood Sprung Flooring:

Wood Sprung Flooring is world renowned to be the best shock absorbing flooring along with lowering impact levels. Sprung flooring is known to improve exercise performance and minimize injuries. At GFX the sprung flooring is layered over authentic Canadian Maple flooring. So hop, skip or jump. Do what you like! There are lesser or no chances of getting an injury now!

  • Bose Sound System:

Bose sound systems need no introduction! Bose is known all over the globe for the amazing sound quality that it delivers. Music played through Bose speakers make music sound simply awesome! GFX takes pride in the music that reverberates through the Group Class Studio thanks to the Bose sound system installed.

  • Les Mills Equipment:

Hi-tech Smart Bars, Smart Weights, Smart Steps, has revolutionized group fitness. GFX is proud of its association with Les Mills equipment and Les Mills workouts offered at our club.

  • Because You Deserve Everything Top-Class:

At GFX we use only rubberized weights, which guarantee a strong grip along with zero damage to the floor if they are accidentally dropped or thrown down. Along with this, GFX specializes in mood lighting and temperature controlled air conditioning.

  • Virtual Classes At GFX:

GFX is the first and only studio in the whole of the Middle East to feature Les Mills virtual classes, streamed live. All this in real time! Workout at your convenience at any given point of time or day.

From Zumba, Hatha Yoga, Kids Ballet and different Les Mills Workouts, GFX has something for everyone. Participate in a group exercise class and pay per class. Clean environment, friendly staff and highly qualified internationally certified trainers, from all over the world, we welcome you to one big family called GFX!

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