Start your own GFX Studio

Partner with GFX, reap the rewards!

A healthy business opportunity

We can call this a business opportunity like no other! We are sure you’ve heard hundreds of business pitches. Ours is rather simple. We are inviting you to help others get fit. How, you ask? Quite simply by becoming a GFX franchisee.

What’s in it for you?

Why is GFX such a unique business opportunity? Simple. For starters because fitness consciousness is at an all time high. Group Fitness Classes are all the rage. The demand for these supply, far outweighs the supply. Especially among Dubai’s foreign residents. As a GFX franchisee partner, you will be providing a highly sought after service. Low start up cost, translates to quicker profitability. What’s more? Well at GFX our monthly flat royalty is the only premium you’ll pay. So you know what your outgoing is like! Transparent and supportive, that’s the GFX way!

Why partner with GFX?

  1. One of the pioneers of the Group Fitness Concept in Dubai
  2. Strong management/promoters
  3. Great pool of qualified instructors
  4. Trusted, well marketed brand
  5. Lower investment
  6. Fair franchisee terms
  7. Immense growth potential

Advantages for the franchisee

Easy to own
  • A total investment under $250,000
  • Low start up cost.
  • Quicker start up time.
  • No hidden costs.
  • We only charge a flat commission monthly.
  • No percentage or per member fee!
  • Transparent, open management.
  • Always open to franchisee requests.
Easy to manage
  • Lower manpower need. Can be operated with just 2 employees
  • Enables absentee ownership – keep your day job!
Easy to market
  • Right for the times – people want to be healthier
  • Terrific blend of value, quality & convenience
World-Class Support
As a GFX franchisee, you are entitled to our support in
  1. Marketing
  2. Branding
  3. Trainer support
  4. Approachable management
  5. Access to the GFX Franchisee App
  6. Transparent and open procedures

Unlock the potential of your location. Partner with GFX today and help make Dubai, a leaner, fitter city!